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Design For Access Project 

(Amazon Prime Video) 

Tools used:
Figma, Miro, HTML,CSS,Java Script

Through a user survey, we identified desktops and laptops as the preferred devices for watching Prime Video. To further empower users, enhance their voices, and offer more choice, we designed new features that prioritize accessibility, transparency, and trust. These features, built upon the principles of [insert specific examples of how your principles were implemented], will provide a more inclusive and user-friendly experience for everyone.

01. Project Overview


  • Lead UX Designer


  • 2 UX Researchers

  • 3UX Designers


  •  Oct 2023 - Nov 2023

Project Type:

  • Amazon Prime Video Desktop

Primary Objective:

  • Our mission wasn't just to analyze Prime Video's current user experience; we aimed to disrupt it. Through a comprehensive evaluation, we identified opportunities to transform the platform into an intuitive, inclusive, and user-friendly service. By aligning with the core principles of accessibility and usability, we envisioned empowering users with a seamless and engaging digital environment.

My Responsibilities

  • ​As UX lead  I designed Surveys,did research on what features could be made more accessible & I redesigned the features!

02. Tasks throughout the project

We researched how users interact with our platform to improve their experience. Here's what mattered most:

Making it Great for Everyone:

  • Accessibility: Usable by people with all abilities.

  • Safety: Secure environment for users.

Building Trust:

  • Transparency: Clear policies and open communication.

  • Trustworthiness: Building a platform users can rely on.

Stronger Together:

  • Peer Support: Features connecting users for mutual help.

  • Collaboration: Fostering a sense of partnership.

Empowering Users:

  • Empowerment, Voice & Choice: Users control their experience and have a say in the community.

  • Respecting Diversity: Integrating cultural, historical, and gender perspectives.

Focus Areas:

  • Empowerment & Transparency: Users control their experience and feel heard, while clear communication builds trust.

  • Accessibility & Trust: We ensure everyone can use the platform securely with clear and transparent policies.

03.Starting the Design

  • Sketches: Created initial sketches to conceptualize the design and layout of the application.

  • Lo-fidelity Design: Developed low-fidelity prototypes to map out basic design elements and user interface components.

  • High-Fidelity Design: Advanced to high-fidelity designs, which provided a more detailed and closer representation of the final product.

  • Clone of Amazon Prime: Utilized HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create a clone of the Amazon Prime application. This process involved replicating the Amazon Prime app's look, feel, and functionality to demonstrate design and technical skills.

This is one of the features we designed ! & Click here to view other high fidelity features we designed!



Based the given feedback a clone was created using html,css & javascript! Click here to see the clone!

Reflections & Learnings:

Prime Video Redesign: A User-Centered Journey
From Frustration to Success: A user's struggle with Prime Video's search bar sparked a user-centered redesign. We went beyond technical fixes to truly understand user needs.

Unveiling User Pain Points: Through surveys, interviews, and prototypes, we discovered hidden issues with search, navigation, and accessibility.

Balancing Creativity with Users:  Cool ideas like a fancy "Continue Watching" carousel turned out to be confusing. User testing led to a simpler, more user-friendly design.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Collaboration with diverse teammates brought fresh perspectives and fostered a learning environment.

Learning & Growing: User research techniques and hands-on development in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript solidified valuable skills.

The Delicate Dance of Design: We learned the importance of balancing aesthetics, functionality, and user intuition. Feedback and iteration were key to success.

More Than Just Code: This project went beyond coding. It was about research, user-centered design, collaboration, and creating an enjoyable user experience.

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