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About Me

Hey there! I'm Niveditha, a self-proclaimed neuro-geek, blending the logic of neuroscience with the magic of human-centered design (HCI). Think of me as a translator, bridging the gap between the brain's intricate language and the world of technology.

My journey started in biotechnology, unraveling the mysteries of life on a cellular level. Fascinating, yes, but I craved something more human-centric. Then, a hackathon threw me headfirst into the realm of HCI. My project? Sunshine, an app designed to combat mental health struggles. Seeing its impact on users was a revelation – I could make technology truly matter.

Now, with a neuroscience degree under my belt and an HCI Masters in progress, I'm on a mission to democratize tech. Imagine interfaces that intuitively understand your needs, anticipating your next move like a mind-reading genie (minus the creepy part!). That's the power of HCI, and I'm obsessed with it.

What makes me tick?

  • Curiosity: I'm a lifelong learner, forever digging into the "why" behind user behavior.

  • Empathy: I don't just design interfaces, I design experiences that resonate, considering every click and tap.

  • Inclusivity: Tech shouldn't discriminate. I believe everyone deserves access to user-friendly, empowering tools.

Fun fact: I'm a terrible dancer (seriously, two left feet!), but when it comes to the dance between brains and tech, I'm all grace and rhythm.

If you're looking for a designer who thinks like a scientist, feels like an artist, and champions accessibility for all, let's chat! I'm always up for collaborating on projects that push boundaries and make the world a bit more sunshine-y.


Who Am I as a Person?

I'm an adventurer, entranced by rain's gentle fall,

Mountains and waters, my soul answers their call.

Exploring unknown paths, I find nature's embrace,

Each step is a dance, in love's tender grace.

I cook by instinct, crafting  flavors with love,

Bringing joy to dear ones, like stars above.

With a love for animals, my heart's pure and kind,

In their world, precious connections I find.


With the gentle whisper of my pencil,, my creativity takes flight,

In the realm of the creative, my heart finds its light.

By the way, you should know,I also love to write,

In words and in art, I explore with all my might.


With fervor in my heart, each quest is a new start,

Pouring my all, it's the passion in every part.

An explorer, unbounded, in this world I am free,

Where rain, mountains, and skies become part of me



Research Methods : User Interviews (Maze, Dovetail, UserTesting),Surveys (SurveyMonkey, Typeform), Focus
Groups, Five-Second Testing, A/B Testing, Tree Testing, Competitive Analysis
Usability Testing : Moderated Unmoderated Testing (Tools: Maze, Lookback, UserTesting), Formative Remote Testing (Tools: Maze, Hotjar), Click Testing (Tools: Crazy Egg, Hotjar), 5-Second Testing (Tools: UserTesting), First
Click Testing (Tools: Crazy Egg, Hotjar), Heatmaps Session Recordings (Tools: Hotjar )

UX & UI Design: Process: User-Centered Design (UCD), Information Architecture (IA), Product Design, Prototyping Design & Prototyping : Figma, Adobe XD, Sketch, Framer (Interfaces, wireframes, mockups)
Prototyping : Protopie, Visual Design : Adobe Creative suit (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Audition and After Effects)
Programming: HTML,CSS
Collaboration & Communication : Successfully collaborated with cross-functional teams (designers, developers, product managers) to translate research insights into actionable design decisions. Adept at presenting research findings in a clear, concise, and engaging manner (presentations, reports).

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