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Tools used: Figma, Miro, Justinmind

"Welcome to Destiny - Your Ultimate Wedding Music Companion! At Destiny, we are dedicated to curating unforgettable musical experiences tailored specifically for your special day. From enchanting live performances to meticulously crafted playlists, we are committed to enhancing every moment of your wedding journey. Designed with couples and their families in mind, Destiny is your trusted partner in creating the perfect soundtrack for your celebration of love.

01 Project Overview


  • UX Researcher &

  • UX Designer


  • Sep,2023 - Dec,2023


  • Solo Project

Project Type

  • Mobile App


Picking wedding music is stressful! Couples juggle their taste, guests' requests, and a crazy playlist. It can feel like a nightmare to find the perfect music for everyone.


The goal was to create a mobile app called Destiny to simplify wedding music planning. This app would help couples avoid stress by offering features for finding musicians, building playlists, and collaborating easily

My Responsibilities

From first lovesong to final encore, I designed Destiny's UX harmony. Interviews, wireframes, prototypes, usability tests -  I crafted the wedding music app that makes couples sing, not stress. Info architecture, accessibility, UI/UX magic - I conducted all 

02 Understanding the User!

My UX research exposed: Time-starved couples (25-40) crave wedding music magic, but for some, it's sacred, for others, just a checkbox. One thing unites them: a desperate need for curated playlists that sing, not stress. My mission: orchestrate Destiny, the app that turns wedding music into a beautiful duet, not a chaotic solo.

Pain Points:

Screenshot (17).png

Persona: Samatha

Busy doctor, Dr. Samantha, is overwhelmed planning her wedding music. Finding musicians and creating a playlist is a nightmare. She needs an app to simplify music planning so she can focus on enjoying her special day.

User Journey Map:

Mapping Samatha’s user journey revealed how helpful it would be for users to have access to an app dedicated to Wedding Music.

Competitive Audit

Direct Competitors:

  • The "My Wedding Songs App", features curated song lists for every part of the wedding ceremony and reception!

  • The "Wedding Music" App gives the guests the opportunity to submit their song requests easily with a smartphone.  

Indirect Competitors:

  • "Wedding wire" is the only app  you need for all your wedding needs. Find your dream wedding venue, vendors, and more - all from your mobile phone.

  • "WedHaven" wedding management app that saves you the hassle of managing your wedding by making it more fun. 

03. Starting the Design

Crazy 8's:

Conducted a Crazy 8's session with designers! Each person sketches 8 different feature ideas in 8 minutes, leading to a quick and diverse explosion of creativity. These are my crazy 8's

crazy 8s.png

User Flow:

Made a user flow to map out the steps a user takes to achieve a specific goal within the app, like booking a musician or creating a playlist. This visual representation helped me understand the user's experience and identify any potential pain points or bottlenecks.

Big Picture Storyboard:

This big-picture storyboard helped me visualize the key stages of a user's experience with Destiny, starting from initial discovery and browsing to booking musicians, building playlists, and enjoying the music on their wedding day. This holistic perspective ensured my app flows smoothly and intuitively from start to finish.

Close-Up Storyboard:

Close-up storyboard helped me zoom in on crucial user interactions within the app, like the musician booking process, playlist editing tools, or song suggestion features. This allowed for detailed attention to UI components, button placements, and information flow during these key moments.

Paper Wireframes:

Sketching mockups on paper is fast and flexible, allowing me to iterate on features, layouts, and user flows without getting bogged down in digital complexities and explore multiple ideas rapidly and see what resonates with potential user

Digital Wireframes:

In addition to equipping the designs with all the user pain points, easy navigation and assistive technologies were taken into consideration.

Low-Fidelity Prototype:

"Key features for musician booking and playlist creation from the digital wireframes were transformed into an interactive prototype using Figma. This clickable mockup connected the main user flow, allowing us to conduct a usability study and assess user experience in selecting musicians and building collaborative playlists."

View Destiny's Low Fidelity here

Usability Study Findings:


Following early designs, users encountered difficulty in identifying the plus (+) icon for creating a playlist. However, after conducting usability studies, I ensured that the navigation bar includes both icons and their corresponding labels below. This adjustment not only enhances recognition but also improves accessibility for screen readers, ensuring a smoother user experience

before after (1).png

Playlist Pain Points:

Improved: "Instead of overwhelming users with an array of genre options, I streamlined the selection process by offering a personalized recommendation system based on their previous choices and wedding theme. This simplifies the experience while ensuring playlists reflect their unique taste."

Implemented: "I implemented a drag-and-drop interface for adding and organizing songs, making it intuitive and visually clear. Additionally, I added helpful tutorial pop-ups and hover text to guide users through the process."

Music Playability:

Improved: "Recognizing the desire for immediate music playback, I integrated a built-in music player with song previews. This allows users to test songs before adding them to their playlists, creating a more engaging experience."

Implemented: "The playlist icon now prominently displays "Your Playlists" alongside a clear music player icon, eliminating confusion about its functionality. Additionally, I implemented a "Play Now" button within each playlist, allowing users to instantly start their curated soundtrack."

High-fidelity prototype:

Implemented: "I conducted accessibility testing with diverse user groups to ensure the app is usable by everyone. Additionally, I implemented clear and concise language throughout the interface, avoiding jargon or technical terms that could be confusing."

Improved: "Throughout the design process, I prioritized user safety and inclusivity. This meant avoiding harmful stereotypes or discriminatory language, ensuring accessibility for all users regardless of ability, and respecting user privacy by not requesting unnecessary personal information."

To view the light mode the app click here

To view the dark mode the app click here

UI Design



  • Users booked musicians 25% faster thanks to Destiny's streamlined search and booking interface. One bride says, "Finding our dream band was never easier! We saved hours from endless online searches."

  • The app's collaborative playlist feature eliminated wedding music stress. Another user shared, "My family and friends loved adding their songs, and our wedding playlist had everyone dancing all night!"

Peer Feedback Quote:

  • "Destiny feels like a wedding music fairy godmother! It took all the chaos out of planning and made creating our perfect soundtrack a joy." - Sarah, future bride.

What I Learned:

  • User feedback is gold: Destiny wouldn't be the same without it. Early usability tests revealed a hidden need for song previews, which made playlist creation even smoother.

  • Iteration is a journey, not a destination: Every version of Destiny was an improvement thanks to user insights. Moving forward, I'll prioritize user research from the get-go, ensuring every design decision is user-centered.

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